5 Great Resources for Testing Mobile Websites and Responsive Design

As each day goes by the world gets their hands on more and more mobile internet devices; which means the demand for mobile web solutions will increase. By 2015 more data will be transferred and viewed by smart phones than actual PCs (source).

These days most major corporations have either provided a separate mobile website to serve their mobile audience or have provided a responsive web solution to cater to the variety of screen sizes.

As a web developer who is tasked with developing a mobile web solution it’s important to have as many testing tools as possible. Having multiple mobile testing tools available is never a bad thing.

Below are some 5 tools I’ve found that can help in mobile web development testing; not only are these good tools for phones but for tablets and desktop resolutions as well.



Mobilizer is a great (and free) program that allows you to preview a website online and locally. The software has built-in previews for the iPhone (4 & 5), Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 920, Palm Pre, Blackberry Storm and HTC Evo.

This is the only tool on the list that will allow you to view a website locally versus strictly online.

Matt Kersley


Professional web developer Matt Kersley has provided a simple and easy way to preview websites for not only handheld mobile devices but for tablets as well. His responsive testing tool gives the user an option for specific widths (240, 320, 480, 768, 1024) with fixed height or specific devices sizes (with respective height).

Resize My Browser


ResizeMyBroswer is a wonderful tool if you have specific devices sizes in mind. Devices sizes for iPhones, Netbooks, MacBooks and iPads are opened in new browser window. This online tool also allows you to create your own preset, in case you want to preview a specific size. You can choose to include or exclude the toolbar and scrollbar in the preset size.

Responsive Test


The folks responsible for have developed a way to test websites using the most popular preset device sizes and resolutions. Included in their presets are portrait and landscape sizes for iPhone, Android, “Crappy Android” (240px wide), iPad, Kindle and high resolution screens. The previews from this tool are a bit unique from some of the other online responsive tools as they provide a view of the device and can be scrolled.



Screenqueri is a incredibly useful tool that provides a variety of device previews, from the iPhone to the Amazon Kindle Fire. It gives the user the ability to rotate the display size, from a portrait view to landscape view. It also provides the ability to manually re-size the screen size, from 320px up to 2500px, which can be helpful when trying to develop websites with large screens in mind as well.

If you’ve used other responsive testing tools please share in the comments section; or let me know your thoughts on the tools in this list.

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